When Punks Coach Business Innovation

14 Nov

“Your strategy is cr*p.”

That’s the verdict of an unknown but savvy 18-year old punk singer who is coaching a team of Sony’s hottest leaders.

Sitting in a dark and obscure music venue near London, England, it’s not what the team wanted to hear, especially as they are 24 hours away from having to present a live TV show about their coach’s band.

It’s one of many awkward silences, crunch points and reorientations that leadership teams encountered from Sony and Telefonica O2 on a radical innovation leadership programme that we designed and ran for both companies.

Leading in the Age of Disruption plunges leaders into a 48-hour innovation learning experience at the crossroads of the music, entertainment, social media and technology industries.   The programme is built upon best-practice from the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, organisational development and leadership.


Delegates simultaneously loved and hated the experience.  Thankfully most came out saying it was the best leadership development programme they’d ever been on.  Phew.

So I’m excited that this week we’re formally launching Leading in the Age of Disruption as an official DPA leadership development programme.  For organisations that are serious about building a culture of sustainable innovation, we think we’ve developed something well worth a look.

For more information download the launch press release and tell me what you think.


One Response to “When Punks Coach Business Innovation”

  1. Peter Cook - The Rock'n'Roll Business Guru November 17, 2011 at 7:40 am #

    You may enjoy my new book Punk Rock People Management – available on Amazon Kindle, as a print book and absolutely FREE as a pdf via the website link http://www.academy-of-rock.co.uk/Punk-Rock-HR

    Great minds think alike – punk!

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