Five Questions To Grow Your Innovation Time

7 Dec

The one thing guaranteed to be on everyone’s Christmas list this year is more time…followed closely by more energy.

And a perceived lack of time is one of innovation’s biggest killers.

The sense of urgency created by today’s deadlines squashes the time, resources and focus needed to create value for tomorrow.

Business school 101 tells us that this is crazy and yet breaking free from the cycle isn’t easy.

So if your Christmas stocking doesn’t contain a tin of “spray-on time” this year, use the holiday season to take a step back and ask some big questions:

  • How much time do you spend thinking about the future in a typical month?
  • How much of your team’s activity creates value that is directly aligned to the strategy?
  • What work could you ‘kill’ that doesn’t add strategic value?
  • What new value could your team create with the time that this frees up?  (Get as specific as possible.  Financial estimates are great for creating momentum in the right direction)

One final question:  Are you an ‘activity addict’?

If you don’t know, ask someone you trust.  We can all find reasons to justify the things that we do every day but if we’re involved in activity for the sake of activity, our capacity to innovate will always be compromised.


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