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Innovation Culture’s 101 Question

8 Dec

One of the most powerful questions that I often ask emerging leaders is:  What is the culture that you need to inherit five years from now? The next question is: So what can you do now to start shaping it?

As a recent Booz & Company survey showed, cultural factors are the biggest inhibitors to successful and sustainable innovation.  And because the incumbent executives are often the authors of the current culture it can be hard for them to make meaningful changes to it.

Emerging leaders, on the other hand, are hungry, ambitious, fired-up initiators who are much more comfortable with change than their superiors.

Leadership teams that truly value innovation as a source of strategic advantage need to swallow hard and allow emerging talent to challenge ways of working that will inhibit tomorrow’s sources of value creation.

So what is the culture that your organization needs to inherit in five years, and what can you do now to shape it?


What Everyone In Your Team Needs…But Will Never Tell You

14 Oct

Research shows that there are three crucial things that a parent must do to build self-esteem in their children:

1. Maintain eye contact during conversation

2. Give appropriate physical contact

3. Spend regular, quality 1-1 time with an emphasis on listening

Together these communicate to a child that he or she is valued.

Feeling valued is a deep human need that people inevitably bring into the workplace. When leaders fail to acknowledge it, levels of engagement and performance suffer.

So how do you demonstrate to your team that you value them?

Everyone is different but most people are motivated by an authentic encounter with an authority figure who gives them focused attention.

How could you do more of this in your relationships – both inside and outside of work?

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